Chicago Manufacturing & Distribution Co., Inc.

Customers Say

Better Than Anything Else Out There

“In addition to the customizing work I do on some of the finest firearms made, I also maintain the firearms of all the law enforcement agencies in a tri-county area.  I have used CMD High Pressure Lubricant exclusively on EVERY weapon I have worked on for the past five years (literally thousands of firearms) and I can tell you it works better than anything else out there.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.

J.F. A gunsmith in California

Seven Years

“I had used CMD for seven years on my lathes and other precision shop equipment and it worked so well I decided to try it on some of the guns I make.  Now I use it on all my firearms and will never use anything else.

R.M. A gunsmith in Wisconsin


“We have tried out your products, CMD Anti-Scoring Lubricants in both grease and oil, in comparison with another brand claiming to be “World’s Best”, for the purpose.  We are happy to report that we have found your product superior in remaining in its protective position under sustained heavy loads for the longest periods of time of any material we have tried for this purpose.  The material has been tested to destruction on centers, slides and light gearing with equal results.  We shall be happy to recommend it to our clientele.”

Very Good Results

We have used your CMD Anti-Scoring Lubricants with very good results, in fact, so good, that we forgot about our problem.  Our application was for Precision Instrument Lathe Work, where heat, due to friction on lathe centers, would create a distortion on expansion of the work piece.  Our tolerances had to be kept to .0002″ and .0003″ for concentricity and diameters.  Thanks to your product we are able to do this.”