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EXTREME PRESSURE ANTI-SCORING LUBRICANTS WHEN THE SQUEEZE IS ON FOR HIGHEST PRODUCTION Increase production – no galling . . . Users report savings up to 81% over commonly used lubricants.

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Extreme Pressure Lubricants Safe Tramadol Online CMD anti-scoring lubricants are not ordinary lubricants. They are compounded of highly refined petroleum products containing no lead, graphite or minerals.  They will not corrode the finest surfaces nor will they emulsify with cooling liquids.

Anti-Wear Gun Lubricants CMD is a high pressure lubricant with special properties for maintaining a thin film of lubrication on sliding or rotating parts.  Using CMD will help eliminate wear / scoring and galling on operating mechanisms, even after continued rapid firing. Overnight Tramadol Mastercard Product Data Sheets
Extreme Pressure Lube #3  |  Extreme Pressure Oil
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