Chicago Manufacturing & Distribution Co., Inc.

Anti-Wear Gun Lubricant


High Pressure Lubricant for the Sportsman!

Remember to
apply it
sparingly —
a thin film
will do it!

CMD lubricant will prevent galling and will protect the moving parts of your rifles, shotguns, hand guns, and automatic weapons!

CMD is a high pressure lubricant with special properties for maintaining a thin film of lubrication on sliding or rotating parts. Using CMD will help eliminate wear / scoring and galling on operating mechanisms, even after continued rapid firing. Sears, slides, bolts, pins and firing pins all benefit when they are protected by this unique product!

CMD is NOT an ordinary lubricant!

It is a compound of highly refined petroleum products containing no lead, no graphite, no minerals. It will NOT corrode the finest surfaces and can be used on all metals, including chrome or stainless steel without staining!

24-2 oz tubes per case, order information call 1-800-537-2956 or email

For smaller quantities call our distributor Kolar Arms at 262-554-0800